11 Bit Studios is already working in Frostpunk 2

_ Frostpunk _ _ He arrived at the PC digital stores in 2018, receiving great acceptance by the fans of the games where the goal is to manage a city. If the brutality of this title was something that you loved, will gladly know that 11 bit studios is already working in the sequel.

Advertised by means of a new trailer, has been confirmed that FROSTPUNK 2 is a reality . However, the development of this game is still far from completion, so a launch date has not been provided, and the details about the gameplay are scarce.

In the first frostpunk the goal was to find a balance between hard work and the happiness of your citizens, a rather complicated task considering that this game is developed in a post-apolitical world built to offer a fairly difficult experience. The sequel will not only retain these elements, but will include a political system that was not present in the original delivery.

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At the moment, _ Frostpunk 2_ has only confirmed a pc launch , through the Epic Games Store, Gog and Steam. However, considering that the first title eventually came to PS4 and Xbox One, it is likely that this new delivery also reaches consoles in the future. If you are interested in the series, you can get the ORINAL FROSTPUNK for free at PC thanks to Steam until August 16. However, this is a test, and you need to buy the game to continue building your perfect city.

On related topics, the new Ready at Dawn game has been delayed.

Via: 11 Bit Studios

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