The supremacy of the HSV is no longer valid

In the analysis, which is why the old city master is also the new one, may not come too short: St. Pauli did not win with the usual virtues of the Underdog, but was also significantly superior to football over long stretches. A clear indication that the once cemented sporting supremacy in the Hanseatic city is no longer valid.

In the previous four unbeaten duels, actually unconditional readiness and also match happiness had a decisive proportion of St. Paulis city championships, on Friday, the HSV could not keep up in terms of pace and joy of playing – this knowledge marks a recent low point of a malfunction in the former industry giant, The shrinked him for years and now even lets the nimbus as a number one of the city. Walters apology with their own fans in the catacombs of the millennium did not act, the coach was visibly touched. Because the appearance does not meet his self-image. If almost the whole stadium is against you, that’s usually electrifying. Anyway, a atmosphere drives me to high performance.

I expected more

His professionals, on the other hand, were equal only in the initial phase, after the flattering compensation by Sonny Kittel short on top and in their single printing phase actually had the chance to give the Derby a turn as St. Paulis Jakov Medic the broken Bakery Jatta in the penalty area Case brought (53.). It speaks for Walter that on the one hand, on the one hand he complains his incomprehension over a hair-raising failure of the referee in conjunction with his Var (We have to get a very clear elfere), but still highly deserved defeat but not abused. Actually, we have a few types in the team, which drives such a atmosphere too high performance, I had expected more. We did not laid enough readiness and intensity on the day, that’s the reasons.

With a victory, a draw and a defeat, the starting balance pretty precisely expresses what the HSV has embodied athletic in these three games: average. Only a strong half-time against Schalke (3: 1) and Dresden (1: 1), and against a sporty high-cowhill in this league, it was sufficient only to occasionally stiff phases. This results in the responsible orders. Further, there is an upcoming farewell. Jeremy Dudziak lacked St. Pauli in the squad because he was released for talks at short notice. The midfielder is prior to change to SPVGG Greuther F├╝rth and thus before a rise. For the highly assumed but wank-terrified 25-year-old, this is the faster and, above all, safer step into the upper house as a whereabouts at HSV.

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