The three funniest companions in ESO

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online received the expansion blockwood in June 2021. Since then you can be supported in the fight of companions. The peaceful companions, which there has been a release, can not work in combat, but still sweeten the gaming experience. Meinmmo introduces you the three diagnest companions.

What exactly are peaceful companions? This is how one calls the beings that a player can summon about the collection. Mostly it is comparatively small living things that follow you on your journey through Tamriel. However, they do not engage in combat events, but only support you morally at your battles.

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Even if the companions have existed since release, you can still enjoy them again and again. Finally, in March 2019, a peaceful companion in the Kronenshop, which differs a little different from the other companions.

The pebble friend “Rocky”

During the festival of the fools, in the period from March 21 to 02. April, there was the somewhat easy-care companion “Kieselchen” in the Kronenshop. When I discovered him, I not only bought him for me. I bought him directly several times as a gift for friends.

For me he got the loving nickname “Kummelstein” and has accompanied me a number of playing hours by Tamriel.

Unlike the peaceful companions so far he does not follow you permanently. If you drive a piece, he suddenly picks up in the air next to you and falls to the ground.

At the Housing you can only place him and do not move back and forth. However, that can be the next companion I imagine.

The sleepy soul rot

This is also a bizarre companion who rather reminds of Redzklumpen than a living being. You get him as a reward for the completion of the achievement “look into the abyss” in the Reik. So the territory DLC Markarth is needed.

For the achievement, you must first conclude the achievement “in a distance”. For this you have to complete the quest “the end of eternity” in the Reik. Only then can you get the achievement look into the abyss “by the quest” Kingdom of Ash “.

The empty rot has the nickname “Glotzglibber”. Since I found this name quite aptly and funny, I also took him directly.

Unlike the budget stone, the movements of the soul fetch are quite versatile. She crawls, but sometimes she also hops a few meters behind you. If you place them in one of your homes, makes them strange shapes. She pulls apart and changes her glibular shape.

There is also another companion who looks very similar to the sleepy soulback. The preiplasma, which gave it during the celebrations to Murkmire.

The snowball lunch

The snowball lover was as a reward at the New Year’s Event. There you could get him from the respective leafs. But these boxes are still for little gold mass in the guild shops. So if you are not a happy holder of a snowball, you still have the opportunity to get it.

Suitable for my character “D├║mmbatz” this companion got the loving nickname “dumbbell”. The original nickname is “flake”. But I found this way too unspectacular and somehow not flat enough.

The movement is similar to the pebble friend. The snowball also appears in the air after some time in the air and falls to the ground. However, here is the beautiful detail that he looks up on the ground like a real snowball and stays as a rather half ball.

Unfortunately, you can not assign a movement path to Housing. But who knows, maybe that’s still.

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What is your opinion on peaceful companions? Do you also have a little friend who has been accompanied by the game for some time? Or are you already thinking of you to get one of the three easy-to-read companions? Write it in the comments.

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