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Great news for fans of Black Desert Mobile, Pearl Abyss, Hit-MMO. The long-awaited Dark Knight class is now available in the global version of the game and allows the players to test one of Black Desert’s most popular characters.

It is a great harm to high damage that combines heavy two-hand war knives blows with a variety of dark spells. This makes it easy to one of the most versatile and exciting classes of the game.

A handful of rewards in the game are to be gained for those who rise on their dark knights and improve him. Some of the objects include an old gold coin, a high-quality crystal box, a good black stone bag, shakatus mystical key and much more. These can be used to strengthen their best equipment and gradually improve their camp.

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Pearl Abyss has released a small trailer showing some of the devastating attacks of the dark knight. To say that she looks bad, would be an understatement. I especially like the way they gracefully changed between local and medium-range attacks, and their sense of style is unsurpassed.

In addition to the new class, players can now participate in the Tower of Trial. This is supposed to be a unique path to the level, with which you can send one of your inactive characters on quests to get ordinary rewards. It is a decent way to improve multiple classes at the same time, although your chief character needs to be 45 or higher before it can attend.

A new car quest system has also arrived. This gives you the opportunity to automatically improve your secondary classes by accepting quests that you have already completed with your main compartment.

Those looking for a high quality MMORPG could certainly perform much worse than Black Desert Mobile. It is currently available as a free title for downloading from both AppStore and Google Play. Further information about the latest events and updates of the game can be found on its official website.

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