Immerse yourself in the downloadable content Hidden depths of Minecraft dongeons this month-C

How do we call the fans of Minecraft Dungeons? Minecrafters? Dungeoneers? Mojangles? Whatever your name, you can play the new DLC later this month. The new extension is called Hidden Depths, and judging by the work of art, it will have an oceanic / deep theme. We expect many submarine fights and exploration, but as with other biomes, locations may vary. The ad here has just been made today, so there are no game sequences to see, but we could run on the beach, browse the background of the ocean and wade in the underwater caves .

Although there is not exactly trailer or anything to feast you, there are also news of a free update that accompanies it. There will be additional things like enchantments, but the most important element for this update is raid captains. These raid captains are extremely resistant enemies that appear in the deepest and darkest areas of cards. We do not know if they are rare variants of existing enemies or their own type of crowd, but they will add another challenge to those who are looking for. Even if you do not get the Hidden Depths DLC, you can face these Captains raid free.

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Hidden Depths will be the fifth major DLC pack. It is included in the Season Pass with Howling Peaks, Flames of The Nether, as well as the next extension. Previous packs cost $ 5.99 to them alone, but you can get the Season Pass for $ 19.99. Hidden Depths will be released on May 26th. Minecraft Dungeons is now available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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