MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV broke the record for the number of players on Steam

Eight years after its release, the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV released a new record for the number of players on Steam. And, without it, new extensions or similar things will be updated there. Instead, the reason lies in another significant MMORPG and its most famous streamer.

What is FFXIV’s new record?

On July 4, 2021, not only will independence be celebrated in the United States, but there will also be things to celebrate in Final Fantasy 14. A new player record was set on this day: 47,538 players were simultaneously online via Steam. This quickly broke the previous record of 41,200 players online at the beginning of the current add-on, Shadowbringers.

What is the reason for FFXIV’s success?

The craze for Final Fantasy XIV began shortly after Asmongold flooded into the game. Asmongold is known for playing World of Warcraft, even if Blizzard employees recently said something nasty to him.

As the content of World of Warcraft stagnated, Asmongold looked around for other MMORPGs but was trapped by FF14. After this stream, more than 2.6 million viewers in total, some of whom may decide to try the game soon.

The flow of Asmongold combined with the calm of the gaming area and the vacation in the United States should lead to a player record for Final Fantasy XIV.

So far, the number of players on Steam still seems to be high. With any luck, new players will maintain a good mental state to promote the upcoming new plugin called Endwalkers with them in November 2021.

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