How to solve the problems encountered in the ESO PS5 update?

The Elder Scrolls Online should be a significant update for PlayStation 5. But if you have a digital version of the game, the ESO PS5 update will cause problems. Developers at ZeniMax and Sony have now prepared a solution for you.

What’s wrong with the PS5 update?
ESO’s popular PS5 update should bring many graphics improvements and other helpful updates, including 60 FPS, a larger field of view, and a shorter load time. The impressive new graphics trailer has already been shown at E3 2021, so fans are very interested in it. However, if you want to install the update as the purchaser of the ESO digital edition, an ugly error message will appear. The update is only possible when you insert the CD into the drive. As a digital customer, if you don’t have a physical data carrier, that’s great.

The update could not be installed, and the fans were angry. But the developers of ZeniMax reacted quickly and started to work.

Developers find a way to solve PS5 update issues.
You can still play like this:
now we have found a solution with Sony, which is a temporary solution to the problem. You don’t have to repurchase the game, as some players fear. On the contrary, there are two ways to circumvent this problem:

Use the Overflow Menu in GameHub and select the PS5 version there. Then you should be able to access the update.

Or, you can open the store directly and search for The Elder Scrolls Online: PS5 Update. Then it should be possible to download the update from this page. But it may also be that you have to place a fake order of 0 USD in advance.

Using these methods, even as a skilled worker for disclosers, it should eventually enjoy the unique PS5 update from ESO. In addition, the problem may originate from Sony’s servers and should be resolved by Sony developers promptly.

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