ESO Reveals DEADLANDS – new area for the upcoming DLC

Bethesda gave some insights on MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online at E3 2021. In addition to the improved versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the first details of the remaining two DLCs in 2021 have also been exposed.

What do we know about these two DLCs?

The second DLC, Waking Flame, will be released in the third quarter (July to September). There will be two new dungeons for players to explore.
Then a new field should be released in the fourth quarter (October to December). These are the places of death, the realm of Mehrunes Dagon. Appropriately, the first concept art was shared.
In addition, E3 also announced an improved console version and a free trial week for ESO Plus.

Death is the focus of Q4.
How much do we know about the land of the dead? Not so much yet. We are infiltrating the damage level in this DLC to stop Daedra Lord’s plan. As you discovered in the latest Blackwood extension, this is an attempt to merge the world.
In terms of scope, DLC and Deadlands itself should be based on Markarth and Dragonhold. Therefore, no matter what the city looks like, we can again regard it as a hub.

What is the next step in 2022?

This fall, DLC will end the entire Forgotten Doorstory that kept us busy in 2021. So after the land of death, there will be a brand new story.
Blackwood is still in full swing: the new Blackwood extension was only released on June 1 for PC and on June 8 for consoles. You can look forward to new story content, new dark forest areas, and other content that we merged in the Blackwood Center.

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