About the new MMORPG Lost Ark Alpha

As part of the 2021 Summer Game Festival, Amazon shared new details about the western version of Lost Ark. MMORPG should start with an adapted version and 15 classes in Europe. There will also be an alpha version on June 11. We have aggregated all the information. What do we know about the EU’s release? Lost Ark plans to launch PCs in Europe and North America in 2021. Amazon has not announced the exact release date but has designated the release time as autumn 2021. Lost Ark becomes Free2Play and deserves a store. The specific structure of the store is unclear. The Western version will undergo some adjustments and will not correspond to the Korean version.

What do we know about Alpha?

The first alpha in the west should start on June 11th, around 9:00 pm (via Lost Ark) at our time. The first alpha is also a stress test. Amazon has announced that there may be loopholes and errors in localization. The long-awaited Lost Ark is finally here.

What will the Lost Ark appear in?

At present, there is very little information about the western version of Lost Ark. We have summarized for everyone:

There will be 15 classes with different skills at the beginning of Europe

Characters should become more diverse with more skin tones

Gender lock still exists

Provide your island housing system will be available

It is not clear how this store will be remodeled in the west. Amazon avoided the first question here. In South Korea, Lost Ark is considered Pay2Win because you can buy some game advantages, remove daily and weekly restrictions and convert real money into game currency.

What is the Lost Ark?

In an action MMORPG, you can create heroes, explore large fantasy worlds with different regions, and perform enemies and missions.

The game is played from an iso perspective (diagonal from above), known by hack and slays like Diablo.

Several powerful bosses raided

You can upgrade your hero with new skills and equipment

You can build a ship and go to sea

There are different craft disciplines

PvP takes place in an arena that competes with other players and certain parts of the world.

You can move into your own house and use it as a warehouse for unnecessary equipment.

How about the Lost Ark in Korea?

The Lost Ark has expanded in the past few years. For example, there have been significant new occupations, new continents, dungeons, and housing systems.

What do you think of The Lost Ark being released in the West? Are you looking forward to alpha so soon?

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