ESO Blackwood new item is so powerful that everyone wants it

Farm fever broke out in MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. The focus is on the new mythical Eso items that all players want to own right now. The crowd around the farm site is correspondingly large.

What is it? Harpooner’s Watkilt is a mythical item that you can obtain after the Blackwood expansion pack is released. These are medium-sized leggings with powerful effects:
If you cause direct damage, you will gain up to 10 stacks of Hunter Focus for 1 minute.
Each level of hunter focus increases 125 critical strikes and 1% critical strike damage.
However, when you take direct damage, you lose five layers.

This item is potent for DD, but it will not suffer any harm. This usually happens in dungeons and trials.

What’s wrong with the item? New mythological items can only be obtained through the Greymoor antique system. To do this, you must find different tracks.
But to reach these tracks, you have to loot something or defeat your opponent, and you also need luck.

Since Blackwood is still a new expansion, the farm now has many players. And this is what caused the real controversy on the farm site.

Players compete for farm spot in ESO.
What happened to ESO now?
It feels that all players in ESO are currently looking for mythical items. Therefore, the player camps at the boss spawn monsters or collect materials such as water hyacinth.
You don’t always see many players in a pile because there are different farm points in other areas, but many players look for this item.
This may mean that you sometimes have to spend hours or even days to get all the tracks.

In addition, it is always rough in their respective chats:
There are a lot of discussions about new projects in the general area chat, but there are also curses and burns
During a conversation or whispering chat, you may even be insulted if you show up at another player’s farm.
Our ESO expert MiezeMelli reports that she had never seen such a crowd on the farm, even when Greymoor started and mythical items were launched.

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