Tips for Beginners in Final Fantasy XIV Dungeons and Boss

Refueling in Final Fantasy XIV involves some tricks. In our beginner’s guide, we explained the things to be aware of in dungeons and bosses. This is what it is all about: In FFXIV, as in many MMORPGs, the principle of Trinity prevails. This means that the jobs are divided into therapists, tanks, and injury dealers. Although DD can cause a lot of damage and the healer must keep the team alive, the tank must keep the enemy’s attention. This is a job that involves specific responsibilities and requires a basic understanding of the role of tanks in the group. Therefore, those who are new to MMO may find it challenging to enter this role.

Technique 1: One-stop shop

If you are in a dungeon, you will always cheer for a larger group of enemies composed of several monsters. These opponents are usually knocked down by your team members using Area Attack (AoE).

However, for the area grip to hit all opponents, the mobs must be neatly grouped in advance. This is only achieved by running in front of a group of monsters and pulling them into the crowd behind you.

Please note that not all area attacks by members of your squad are cyclical. For example, the AoE of a monk or dragoon will hit the opponent in a straight line in front of them. When grouping opponents, please keep this in mind. This will make the dungeon run more comfortable for you and your team.

Tip 2: Avoid splitting

One of the basic rules when refueling in FFXIV is that the opponent must always stay away from the other players in the group. This is very important, especially for bosses, because they use special skills called splits.

Cleave is usually a potent area attack against tanks. They cause a lot of damage and can kill other players in one hit.

The tricky thing about splits is that they often appear without notice. Although most attacks in FFXIV have red circles, marks, or other visual cues before them, the division is usually invisible. Only by simply animating the opponent can we recognize when such an attack has been carried out. For example, Ifrit, the first prime number in FFXIV, has such an attack.

Most of the time, the boss does the chop and slash, but there are also ordinary garbage thugs who do it. Therefore, always try to remove the monster you are in the tank from the group to avoid collateral damage.

Generally speaking, if possible, you should not stand near your teammates. Some so-called tank destroyers, in FFXIV, attack tanks particularly strongly, causing area damage. If such a tank destroyer grabs the healer or DD from the group because they are standing next to the tank, they will bite directly into the grass.

Technique 3: Standstill

Good tanks in FFXIV can not only maintain hatred but also maintain vitality. As a tank, you have a direct influence on the operation of the dungeon. On the one hand, through pulling speed or the opponent’s positioning, on the other hand, through your actions.

The melee occupations in FFXIV all have job requirements for some of their skills. This means that skills, for example, will cause more damage when completed from behind or from the side.

So move as little as possible during the battle and don’t turn to the enemy unless it is necessary to avoid area attacks or better position them. Just stop and spam your skills. The melee fighters in your group will thank you for this.

Tip 4: Get Out Of The Shot

In the actual battle, the situation where the opponent leaves a permanent puddle on the ground will happen again and again. If you encounter them, they will cause damage or debuffs to the player. As a tank, you should certainly avoid these ground AoEs yourself.

On the other hand, you should also pull your opponent out of the puddle. This is especially helpful for melee fighters in your group. As mentioned above, their skills have job requirements. So if the opponent stays on the ground for AoE, the melee will either take damage or cause minor damage because they cannot locate it.

But it may also happen that the puddle itself strengthens the opponent. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to pull the monster group and boss out of their ground AoE.

Tip 5: Pay attention to good AoE

Although you should pull your opponent out of the damage AoE like a tank, you should stop in some good AoE. For example, these include all types of therapy balls or ground AoE. For example, they are the dedication of the scholar’s earth, the refuge of the white magician, or the astrologer’s earth star.

These AoEs can treat you or reduce your harm. Therefore, you should stay in the opponent’s position as much as possible and position the opponent in such a way that your team members can stand in a good area when attacking.

There are some damage ranges you want to stop. DD professional ninjas can pack their puddles named Doton on the ground and continue to cause damage to their opponents. When locating your opponents, try to make sure that as many of them as possible are in multiple times.

Tip 6: Use your defense cooldown

It sounds obvious, but using a defensive cooldown is more than just kicking it out. Generally speaking, under any circumstances, you don’t want to ignite all CDs simultaneously and encounter an opponent. This is a waste.

Likewise, it’s not a good idea to not use the CD at all or only when you have 10% HP and blow out the last hole. Defense skills can provide continuous help for the therapist. You ignite them one after another in a large group of enemies to keep the damage low.

Of course, there are always exceptions. When using heavy tank destroyers in a raid, it makes sense to activate several defense cooldowns. However, it is not needed in the dungeon at average pulling speed.

Note: big pull

In your tank adventure, you will be thrown together with experienced players. Many of them have done this content a thousand times and are familiar with it. Therefore, they are used to faster speeds when pulling opponents.

It will happen that some team members run ahead and pull the opponent for you. This is not fun and can annoy, especially for novices. Therefore, if you are a novice and fill in something for the first time, please let your team know.

Try to discuss with the therapist if you think you can make a more significant pull. If the therapist agrees, then you can try to pull more than a group of enemies. If you use your defense cooldown and the healer is careful, it is possible to survive in more than one team.

Reward: Small Tank Dictionary

Hatred, hatred, hostility, hostility: standard terms that attract the attention of opponents. As a tank, you must keep the hatred to prevent opponents from attacking other players.

Pull: Pick up enemies or attack bosses on the way through the dungeon. A set of opponents can also be called pull (for example, Big Pull = several sets of opponents).

(Trash) -Mob: The common name of opponents in the dungeon

Tank attitude: tank attitude. An ability that gives you permanent gain, you can use it to generate more hatred

Voke / Provoke: Tank skills immediately attract the hatred of opponents. It is helpful if one of the members hatches accidentally.

CD / Cooling time: In addition to the global cooling time, there is also its own cooling time. In the case of tanks, this means defensive skills, for example, reducing damage taken.

AoE (Area of Effect): various area attacks

Tank Nemesis: The boss’s fierce attack on the tank. Tank-Buster is very powerful and often requires cooling to intercept. Otherwise, the tank will be threatened with immediate death.

Cleave: A heavy area attack on the tank. Cleave is usually not indicated by a red mark, and it can also catch players standing near the tank. The tank destroyer can be split, but it is not required.

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