Players love and hate ESO Blackwood’s new Partner

On June 1, the new expansion pack Blackwood of The Elder Scrolls Online was released on PC. Many players immediately won new companions, which is a new feature of the expansion. But the companions are not suitable for all players.

What about the companions? With Blackwood, two companions, Bastian and Miri, were introduced. These NPCs are NPCs you can unlock through missions and then call one of them to your side.

They accompany you in open worlds, story missions or dungeons, and play the role of tanks, healers, or damage dealers. They even have a place in the group.

After activation, you can equip Bastian and Miri with special equipment according to your wishes, make optical adjustments, and change their skills. Companions are only allowed to be used in PvP and single-player instances.

How does the companion arrive? Very confused. Even in the official news about companions, some critics believe that they have been deceived into the primary function that should have replaced their companions. Most importantly, many people want a new course.

But even after the release now, the new companion is the focus of discussion. Some players think they are excellent support, and others think it is an annoying aspect that disrupts the overall atmosphere of the game world.

A companion will destroy the immersion of the game world, only valuable for lightweight content
What do critics think of “Companion”? What is particularly troubled by critics at the moment is that in the new dark forest area and anywhere outside, you will always meet the same companions:
Human cloning does reduce the fun of our ‘unique’ companions. I want to pick up Bastian, but someone is already walking towards me with another Bastian. You and Millie accepted the task together, and people with Bastian surrounded her. In the dungeon, other Millis suddenly ran past my Millis.

However, there are also criticisms of the usefulness of peers:
According to my recent experience, they are only helpful if I don’t need them. Once the situation becomes difficult, they will die immediately. AoE mechanism-dead. A big boss-dead. They fought a large number of enemies-rolled back, pulled them away from me, and died.
At the low level, they are nothing more than a weak DoT (damage over time). It takes one minute to kill an ordinary mob, and if there are no healing skills, they may die.

Companions are helpful helpers in the open world and dungeons
What do positive voices think of their peers?
In addition to divergent opinions, some players are very satisfied with their peers:
I was shocked by my companions. In addition to tasks and farming during peak hours, I have more fun. I think the companion system is perfect. I now like to have NPCs with me everywhere. Of course, it will be better. For example, if you can change the appearance, etc., overall, I am satisfied with the system, even though there are indeed more clones than in Star Wars. Many fears have not been realized. Companion’s statement is very suitable, and you can also set their frequency. In the battle itself, they may not help much. But they work for you, and at the same time, you feel that you are not alone. The speaker also did an excellent job of escorting. The customization option works, and it is enough for me now. However, I hope that one day they can also give them hairstyles or tattoos from the collection.

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