The Elder Scrolls Online new Expansion pack Blackwood released on PC

On June 1, the new expansion pack Blackwood of The Elder Scrolls Online was released on PC. The release is progressing smoothly, with a new trailer attached to immerse you in the dark story.

What happened to ESO now? At about 2:00 pm, our time, The Elder Scrolls Online server went online again after maintenance. Since then, the first players will explore new dark forest areas, experience new stories, and unlock companions.

Because so far, there have been no server issues or significant errors when the Blackwood extension was released. When Greymoor was released last year, the situation was completely different.

If something still happens, we ESOGUIDES.CO will inform you in this article.

If you want to know the expansion story, you can watch the new movie trailer of Gate of Annihilation. In it, a hero from ESO fought against Daedra Prince Mehrunes Dagon:

Tips for getting started with Blackwood
How do you start using Blackwood? If you want to start directly with the Blackwood story, you can open the group window (by default, the P key on the PC) and open the area guide there. Click on the dark forest and select Start Narration. This will show directly on the map that you can start your first mission.

Or, you can go directly to the dark forest through the shrine and find tasks there independently.

How to get new partners? To do this, you must first complete a task:
Bastian Halix can be obtained from mission competitions and contracts. You can find it south of Ätzhohnsenke on the coast. To start the mission, you must talk to your companions yourself.

Miri Elandis has missions to smash and disperse, and you can find her north of Vulpinaz Doom in the northern part of the Dark Forest. You first read the article Adventurers want to engage in exciting business! You can find it on the ground. Or you can talk to Miri, a bit farther north.

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