How to get all SkyShards in ESO Blackwood Dark Forest?

The online version of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will include a new chapter Blackwood in June 2021. There are many discoveries again in the new area of ​​the Dark Forest. There are also some Sky shards. PathofExileWiki will tell you where to find them. What is Sky Shard? The fragments are bright and luminous crystals scattered on Tamriel’s map. You can recognize them from a distance by the white-blue brilliant beam rising into the sky. Players can collect sky Shard. The three collected Sky Shards give the player a skill point. Therefore, it is always worth looking for sparkling stones. They can be found both in the basement and outdoors.

Like in the known areas of Tamriel, some Sky shards will also be found in the Dark forest. There are a total of 18 aerial fragments, ten outdoor fragments, and eight vault fragments. This is equivalent to 6 skill points.

Skyshards 1-the southern part of Wayshrine, Ginzburg
Go to Grinzburg Shrine and drive south. You can find Sky shard through the Ayleid structure.

Skyshards 2-Between the red mane of the fortress and the Temple of Doom in Vulpinaz
If you go to Volpinaz Shrine of Doom, you must walk southwest to find the Sky shard. It is close to the water.

Skyshards 3-Withered East.
You can reach this Sky shard through the Temple of Blood Flow. From there, you still have to extend a long distance westward until you get to the ruins of El Ed, known as the Wildness. To the East of the ruins is the Sky shard.

Skyshards 4-East of the World: The Pond of the Old Dead Wart / Hutan-Tzel Northeast
Go to Hutan-Tzel Shrine and drive northeast. Pass the pond of old warts (World Boss) and cross the water there. Sky shard is next to a big tree.

Skyshards 5-North Gideon
Go to Gideon Shrine and walk north. Sky shard is next to a destroyed church.

Skyshards 6-west of Ayleid Well, next to Gideon on a small island
Go to Gideon Shrine and drive southwest. There is a pond behind the ayleid fountain. There is a small island in the middle of the pond where you can find Sky shards.

Skyshards 7-North of Tidal Cave/West of Blue Blood Castle Temple
There is an ayleid fountain on the west side near the Shrine of the Blue Blood Fortress. This tidal fragment is located to the west and north of the tidal cave.

SkyShards 8-West Saidong (Refuge)
Go to Stone Shrine and drive northwest. Next to the Xi-Tsai vault, you will find Sky Shard.

Skyshards 9-West of Vulnak (Vault)
From Vunalk Shrine, head towards the treasury of the same name. Before crossing the stone bridge, please turn yourself to the right. It would be best if you jumped on the ledge to collect the Sky shard.

Skyshards 10-Fishin West (Trial)
This Sky shard is near the entrance of Felshain (Trial). Head to the Shrine of Stonod for the first time, and then drive southeast from there.

Fragment of the sky in the dome:

Skyshards 11-in the deep cave
The deep flow cave is located north of Riyadh.

Skyshards 12-In Arpenia Vault
Arpenia Vault is to the west of Red Mane Keep.

Skyshards 13-in the blood flow cave
The Blood Flow Cave is located to the East of the Ayleid site in Welk.

Skyshards 14-Porcixid in setting the dome
The lower vault of Porcixid is located east of Gideon. Follow the path marked in the picture:

Sky shard 15- in the Vunalk vault
The Vunalk Refuge is located to the northeast of the lagoon of the world leader Xeemhok. You can reach the vault through the Vunalk Way Shrine. After entering the vault, follow any path to the Sky shard. The last part can be passed through a kind of cave entrance. But be careful! The next wall is an entrance with a similar appearance, but the opening is not passable.

Sky shard 16-in the Xi-Tsei dome on the west side of Steinod Wayshrine
The fragments found in Xicai’s vault are much more complicated than they first appeared. Because you have to choose a sure way to reach Sky shard. After entering the vault, you must stay the same way. After a while, you can see a bridge on the right. Go over this and turn right. There is a passage at the end of the path. You must enter.
A new level of library will be opened. At the next opportunity, you must take the road on the right. Also, at the next node, you can select the path on the right. You can now pass through another door. Then go left, you can quickly see Sky shard.

Sky shard 17-the open dungeon of Zenital Monastery
The available dungeon of Zenital Monastery can be found in the northern part of the Dark Forest. It is to the west of the Redmane Temple.

Sky shard 18-The Hall of Silence Open Dungeon
The quiet hall is located between the middle and the south of the dark forest. They are in the southern part of the city of Gideon.
In the open ESO dungeon, you will not only find fragments, but you will always get all the skill points of the so-called collective risk. This is one of the bosses that can be found in various dungeons. But be prepared and don’t walk in the park.

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