How to Find The Elder Scrolls Online SECRET QUEST of STONE FALLS?

MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is widely known among MMORPGs for its well-designed missions. MiezeMelli, the author of, completed a secret mission in Steinfalls and thought: You should perform a crazy mission. Why do secret Eso missions? This task does not start with a visible task marker. Usually, you can see marks on NPCs or objects. The mission begins with speaking or dialing. But this pursuit is very different. Not only because of the lack of task markers.

What makes the task so special
Even after many years of playing, I am still happy to discover something new, and I am pleased about it, even in old content. I think there may be more hidden tasks.
I found the mission to be bizarre and exciting, and a little disturbing in terms of content. I didn’t expect the mission to end. When the story surprises me, I like it. This is what makes this task interesting in my eyes. But this may be longer.
Everything is entirely harmless at first. You get an item, and you must find out some information about the item. Nothing unusual. Therefore, internally, you are prepared for an ordinary course of action. It wasn’t until the last conversation that I felt a little confused.
In the last conversation, the NPC you are talking to will struggle for a while. In retrospect, I should be confused at this point. But out of curiosity and sincerity, I continued the conversation.
Then what I saw caused my jaw to drop. Because the mission ended suddenly and suddenly. At the same time, someone is responsible for the death of the NPC. But how can you guess that the National People’s Congress is involved in dangerous abuses?
The NPC told us in advance that he was looking for a mysterious object. It is the item we obtained and passed on to him. To me, he seemed almost obsessed with the idea of ​​finding this object.
I smile a little at this task. What do developers think? Considering that many players sit in front of the monitor and feel confused, they must be amused by it because this task raises more questions than it answers.
It’s a bit like the ending of the movie is open, and you need to think about it for many years. And this is precisely what I did. What did I see there? Unfortunately, people have to accept that this question is still unanswered.

How did I find the task?
I didn’t even find this task myself. I must have missed the NPC while crossing Tamriel. During the live broadcast, I got a tip from another ESO player.

Where can I find the mission?
The task can be found in the stone waterfall in the west, which is part of the Blackheart Treaty. It is best to go to the Achenstrasse Shrine. From there, you can reach the fine clay cave.
In front of the clay cave, you moved a little to the left. Therefore, you should not enter the cave. There is a small road to the left of the entrance.
Follow this road, and it will make you a bit uphill. It ends only a few meters away. On your right, there is an NPC dealer named Zahshur.
Talk to Zahshur. The trading menu opens. You will see a list of items that can be purchased. Among the items is a strange item: a religious fetish statue. You bought this product for 150 gold.

How do you start the mission?
Now you can find the purchased item in the inventory. If you use an item (E), start the fetish mission. It’s time to find out more.

Search history
The task consists of four steps. Click on the corresponding block to find more detailed information. But be careful: spoiler!

Step 1: Find someone to identify the statue. Tip: Ask Zahshur for information about the figure.

We were prompted to ask the dealer for information about the item. Therefore, we talked to Zahshur again and asked relevant questions. We know from Zashur that dark elves sometimes find such objects in the wasteland. Some people sell it as a work of art to people who are vulnerable to scams.
In the following sentence, he apologized to us. Because in this case, we are vulnerable buyers. When we asked who else could identify the item, he replied: Why don’t you ask one? It is said to be in the town of Kragenmoor.

Step 2: Find someone to identify the statue. Hint: Talk to the attendant in the collar swamp.
We are now heading to the mentioned city. You can go back to the road to the shrine to save some walking. But it’s not far on foot. To the north of Kragenmoor Wayshrine is the Grand Master’s Palace. We enter the palace. An NPC named Acolyte Raloro sits in the fire.
We talked to him and asked him if he denied the statute. Frightened, he asked us where we got the ugly stuff. We told him that the object was found in Ashland in the wilderness. This sounds familiar to him. He mentioned the name, Haldyn Ravel. He is looking for a cultural relic.
We asked where we can find him. Acolyte Raloro told us that he was looking for the remains on the northern plateau.

Step 3: Find someone to identify the statue. Tip: Talk to Haldyn Omavel.
Let’s find Haldyn Omavel. The search arrow is located to the northwest of the fine clay cave. We headed to Satram Plantation. To the east of the mountain, shrine ruins are. Here, we found Haldyn, the dark elf. Our presence surprised him. Halden wants to know what we are doing here. We responded with the same rhetorical question. He told us that he was looking for cultural relics.
These artifacts should be small and elegant. He wanted to take her home,… he interrupted at the word bedroom. He needs these cultural relics for collection. We showed him the statue and asked him if he was looking for something like this. This is her! This sentence surprised him. We asked him what he meant. But we have no definite answer. He said that we shouldn’t know and rewarded us.
When we asked again, he postponed our trip and took the item. Harding wanted to try the statue immediately. What does he mean?

Step 4: Follow Haldyn’s ritual.
The dark elves left us and knelt before some shrine. Suddenly a Twilight Wing appeared, and Harding injured it at his request. He fell and died, and the wings disappeared again. Finally, we must look for rewards in his backpack.

We will get 181 ESO gold and obey the big axe to complete this task.

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