ESO developers want to solve a big mystery in Skyrim

The developers of the Elder Scrolls Online have always wanted to uncover a big secret that Skyrim and Morrowind players have been interested in: the true fate of the people of Dwemer. Anyone who has ever played the Elder Scrolls series of games certainly knows what Dwemer is. Or more precisely, because this mysterious elven tribe has disappeared from Tamriel’s world many centuries ago.

Especially in Morrowind and recent Skyrim games, you may encounter Dwemer’s legacy time and time again. Including the famous Black Reach, where Dwemer’s crazy steampunk ruins were discovered in its underground caves.

Because Dwemer and its mechanical parts are often encountered, many players want to know the development trend of this tinker and magician competition.

Bethesda boss bans solving major mysteries
What do developers want? In an interview with GameInformer, creative director Rich Lambert also talked about the wishes of his design team. When they created ESO, there was an important idea to add: to solve the mystery of Dwemer’s disappearance. Because so far, there are only vague rumors about the ultimate fate of the steampunk elves.
But there is nothing. Because Todd Howard, the chief developer of Bethesda, stepped in and made it clear No!.

Will we never find out what happened to Demers? You really can’t say that, because many secrets in the Elder Scrolls series were revealed at some point. Who knows, maybe Dwemer will be the big topic in the sixth installment of the upcoming Elder Scrolls legend?
In addition to Dwemer’s secrets, there is a lot of other interesting knowledge in the Elder Scrolls world. Because the races that still exist all have primitive characteristics that are different from the species and cultures that other fantasy worlds usually have. A good example is the cat family, which has 17 different shapes and types.

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