Pre-order the ESO Blackwood Premium Bundle with Mehrunes Dagon

You can now pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood on Amazon and MediaMarkt. There is also a collector’s edition with a statue. MMORPG has new extensions. Blackwood will be released for ESO on June 1, 2021.

This is what Blackwood is waiting for you:
The Elder Scrolls IV: Forgotten Lands
A story about the conspiracy and intrigue of Prince Melennis Dagon of Dadra
It has a history of 800 years before the occurrence of the event
New feature: Companion. NPC standing next to you in battle
The Blackwood extension is now available for pre-order. You can also choose a particular collector’s edition. We will give you a detailed introduction to its content and general pre-order rewards.

ESO Blackwood’s pre-order bonus
If you purchase The Elder Scrolls: Blackwood as a digital version before release, you will receive these pre-order bonuses.
Dremora Kynvogt (clothing style)
Land of the dead was (companion)
1 × Iron Atronach’s Crate
3×Treasure Map of the Dark Forest
Two × learning scroll
Naga (Naga) Skin Welwaver Desolate Man (Mountain)
Nachtmahr Bear (Companion)-Only purchased before March 17, 2021
This pre-order bonus is only available when one digital version (Steam, ESO Store, Stadia) is purchased. In Gamesplanet, you can buy expansion kits with a 10% discount and get the ESO store key.

Pre-order the ESO Blackwood Premium Bundle
No Collector’s Edition: At Amazon, you currently only get the premium package. This includes all previous extended ESO Blackwood series and ESO Mehrunes Dagon software packages.

This is the physical content: Regarding ESO Blackwood’s Amazon Premium Bundle, the most important thing is the accompanying statue. It is made entirely of resin and is hand-painted.

The statue of Mehrunes Dagon is about 16.5 cm tall
40.6 x 22.8 cm lithograph
Ambition logo embossed on both sides, 5 cm in diameter, bronze

Digital content: This collection contains all previous expansions of the game.
black wood
What is the price of the Premium Bundle? The Special Collector’s Edition is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One at 207 USD.

Pre-order the ESO Blackwood collection
Buy now: You can get the ESO Blackwood Collection from Amazon and MediaMarkt. This includes all previous extensions of ESO, and of course, the latest extensions.
How much is this: The ESO Blackwood Collection is available for 59.99 euros on PC and 69.99 euros on PS4 / Xbox One.

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