Which are the Best Boss Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, various mounts allow you to get help from multiple sources. But some of them are also the bosses of dungeons and raids. We have shown 10 of them in this list. The big boss is only part of the MMORPG. You carried out a raid or dungeon expedition together with your troops and first enjoyed the taste of the beast, which eventually lingered. But for FFXIV players, just defeating the boss and getting the loot is not enough. Some bosses are used as top mounts, and they ride the world’s history happily. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 such bosses and explain how to maintain them yourself.


What is Ramuh: In fact, FF players know that Ramuh is an elderly gentleman with a long gray beard, reminiscent of thunder and lightning. In the Eden Raid of the Shadowbringers plugin, Ramuh’s version is slightly different.
Based on the vague memory of the warrior of light, the garden of Eden summoned the boss as a cross between Ramu and Thunder Xion. Ixion is not a prime number, it is a FATE boss, but the confused thinking of our player character ensures that the two bosses merge into one.
This is how you get Ramuh: You can get the mount from the Raid Eden Resonance-Cure (Epic) box.


What is Cerberus: As one of the leaders of the raid on the dark world, Cerberus met with the player for the first time. According to the habit of guard dogs, he was tied there, guarding a colossal gate. Players must defeat him to step further into the dark clouds.
However, the Hellhound is not an animal but an intermediate self-evident person. A few centuries ago, Mhach’s mages captured him and forced him to serve them. He didn’t do this until the Light Warrior, and his troops entered the dark world.
How to get Cerberus: Completed the Delubrum Reginae (Epic) content and obtained the Queen of Epic Blades I achievement.

Model O

What is Model O: Super boss Omega is waiting for the player at the end of the Omega attack in the Stormblood plugin. The old machine was misunderstood as the creation of Alleger, but in fact, it did not even come initially from our planet.
Omega came from another planet while hunting down the dragon Midgarsormr. The whole purpose of your life is to compete with increasingly powerful opponents to make yourself stronger. Until the end, she was Omega, at the forefront of evolution. But there is nothing.
This is how to get Model O: the mount is available in the box of Raid Alphametry 4.0 (Epic Version).


What is Twintania: the dragon Twintania is the first final boss of the FFXIV raid. In the tangled shadow of Bahamut, if the raiders want to obtain the strongest loot in the game, they must fight their technicians and anger the timer.
Tanzania was one of the children of the great Long Bahamut, who fought with his father against the Chimeras tribe of Allan. In the end, she was captured and turned into a ruthless slave who was cruelly tortured.
This is how you get Twintania: In FFXIV, the mount can be used to reward the Invite Friends event. You will receive the golden Chokobo feathers invited by your friends, or you can exchange them for Twintania at the NPC Lost and Found Office. It requires 15 springs.

What is Rathalos: Actually, Rathalos is a guest of FFXIV. The famous beast from the Monster Hunter game entered the MMORPG as part of the collaboration with Monster Hunter World. Together with the real monster hunter and your own Palico, you have to kill the flying beasts.

The player must defeat Rathalos and then snatch his scale so that the blacksmith can make armor from it. The more robust version of Rathalos gives you better loot and, therefore, better armor. Just like in a real monster hunter game.
This is how you get Rathalos: the mount drops from a random box with the content Hunt for Rathalos. In addition, you can exchange Rathalos whistles for 50 Rathalos scales+ in the counterfeit shop in Kugane (X: 9.7 / Y: 8.9).

What is Proto-Yadis: Boss Yadis is on the top of the pyramid in Mhach, City of Tears. This is a magical defense mechanism created by a powerful wizard. The purpose is to prevent unwelcome guests from entering the pyramid.

However, initially, Yadis came from FFIX. In the popular PS1 classic game, he plays the role of a super boss, and he is difficult to defeat due to his powerful and unpredictable attacks. He found a way to FFXIV in the Heavensward plugin.
How to get Proto-Yadis: The smaller version of the boss Proto-Yadis can be used as a reward for the achievement of Arsenal I Disarmament. For this, you must complete the content of Baldesion Arsenal.

Automat Nr. 14
What is Unit 14: the owner of Ridoranna, who came from the 24-person raid, wore Unit 7, which was more extensive and more deadly. But this is the same model. Ridoranna’s boss gave the player a math clock for release, which has been washed away.

Because of him, searches for prime numbers are on the rise on Google because he forces players to perform arithmetic operations in battle. After the raid, you can revisit the boss and dance with him. He is perfect.
This is how you get Machine #14: Replace it with 180 Bozja polycrystals at the NPC purchaser on the southern front of Bozja (X: 14.2 / Y: 29.6).

Alte Route
What is Alte Route: The most extended mount in FFXIV is the first boss in the Omega raid that works with the Stormblood plugin. The beast resides in the Delta, created by Omega in the first round of the championship.

In it, Omega’s creatures must compete with each other so that ultimately the most powerful creature can compete with Omega, and the weapon itself can become more robust. Thanks to the players, the old Route was quickly eliminated and became your mount.
This is how you get Alte Route: the mount is available in the box of Raid Deltametry 4.0 (epic).

What is Luftwaffe: Even if Luftwaffe looks small, it is not that bad, but it is indeed an annoying thing. It is made by Omega weapons and used to compete with the Warriors of Light and test who is the strongest.

During the battle, she threw rockets, bombs and even summoned an octopus on the battlefield. The weapon initially came from FFVI, attacking the protagonist of the game in flight.
This is how you get Luftwaffe: the stand is available in the box of Raid Sigmametrie 4.0 (epic).

Meister Typhon
What is Master Typhon:
This boss first appeared in the infamous exploration series about the clever detective Hildibrand Heliodor Maximillian Manderville. At the Uda Stadium, he kept his friend Ultron is a scam.

After the vertigo was exposed, Typhon and Ultras faced the Warriors of Light together on the stage. and suffered a tragic loss. Then, Typhon looked for a new honest job in the Golden Disc, where he entertained the players at GATE. He is also from FFVI.
How to get Master Typhon: buy gold discs in the casino for 750,000 MGP.

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