How to Drive Around on loot boxes with ESO BUG

The Elder Scrolls Online has several bugs, but some are interesting enough to make the player feel interesting rather than annoying. One of them is the infamous loot box installation error. When you open the loot box, it will let you ride it. Players still claim that this error is an actual mount. But can you also specifically cause the error?

Loot installation errors are widely known in ESO and have always been a source of entertainment. In principle, the following will happen:

The player opens the menu to open the loot box, and then the infamous Khajiit Pacrooti appears. The cat was sitting on a trophy box and praised what might be inside and how much the box cost. You should catch it eventually!
When you open the box, you will get items, you can continue to play, or you can open more loot boxes. Patriotic is very happy.
However, in some cases, the animation with Pacrooti on the loot box will replace the player’s avatar after the player opens the loot box.
As a result, you stumbled upon Pacrooti while sitting on the loot box!

Players celebrate the error and want to install the loot by themselves.
This is how you ride the loot box yourself: if you want to ride the loot box yourself, then we at MeinMMO will bring you good news. Our ESO expert and streamer, MiezeMelli (via, took the information in the Reddit video to heart and tried to reconstruct the error. In the video embedded here, you will learn how to set Pacrooti as a project and how to make him squirm in the future.

As mentioned in the video, you only need to do the following:
Get the Lazy Writ Crafter plugin for Dolgubon
Get the LibLazyCraftings library
Purchase a loot box to make Pacrooti appear completely
Open the Loots menu
Go to your additional settings: under the Time Saver tab, and you will find the Hide Companion feature. You choose Always hide.
Hide your user interface. You can assign a key to this in control.
Then move and send spam to menu buttons such as C (character window) or I (list)

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