New armored demons and Skyrim in ESO make everything better

The Elder Scrolls Online provides a new ESO Armor for crafting for the upcoming new chapter addition Blackwood. The Dremora Kynreeve style offers a relaxed Deadra style, reminiscent of Skyrim’s armor. The players are pleased about this. Find out all the contents of the collection and how to get it.

What’s the matter? Currently, a new set of armor makes ESO fans happy with Reddit. On the impressive deadlift armor, it says, Oh, it’s finally Skyrim Disra-style ESO!

This contribution makes it proud of 1,800 supporters and more than 120 comments. There, players praised the excellent design of the armor, which is especially useful for magicians. In ESO, they can wear thick records instead of just awkward things like in other MMOs.

The new Dremora Kynreeve armor set makes players excited
What kind of armor is that?
The scene is called Dremora Kynreeve, which is a Monitor style. This means that if you have learned this style, you can make this style of armor yourself.

The armor consists of the typical plates and pointed ornaments of the demon Dadra. The appearance is also reminiscent of Skyrim’s Deadra style. The Xyvkin style that looked similar before is not enough sky for some players.

Especially those players who want the iconic armor of the archmage mentioned above, Divayth Fyr, and missed the corresponding offer in the store can now make this armor themselves. How do you get armor? If you want to get this Skyrim-style Deadra armor, you don’t need to grind or buy it in the store. Because this style can only be used as a pre-order gift for Blackwood in the upcoming ESO chapter, all you have to do is pre-order the regular version, but the style is also included in the collector’s version. Blackwood will be released on PC on June 1st and June 8th, 2021. After that, no further reservations can be made. In the ESO store, their Blackwood can be reserved at any time.

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