What Can you Do for ESO BLACKWOOD?

The online version of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls will undergo a massive expansion of Blackwood in June 2021. To start a new chapter well, Esoguides calls you five things, and you can prepare yourself now. The latest chapter Blackwood will be released on June 1, 2021. In this guide, we explained what you can start doing now. On the one hand, you can level the skill line of the antique world, and you can also collect champions and experience points. However, you should also have enough crystals and look around for new content groups or guilds.

Grind Champion Points (CP)
What do you need them for? Simple answer: more than 50 levels, they can make you stronger and more resilient! The championship points system has been fundamentally revised through the Fire of Ambition update, so the range you can set is much more extensive than the previous 810 CP.
In addition, you must now select four activity points for each attribute. For this reason, we also recommend that veterans with championship scores higher than 810 continue to gain experience.
How do you effectively gain a lot of experience points? Since May 13, 2021, in the Explorer Celebration, double experience points have been obtained again.
Therefore, if you still lack some championship points, please visit these places. You can gain experience points very quickly or get rewards for daily random dungeons! The event will continue until 4 pm Eastern Time on May 20, 2021. Therefore, please use the last few days.
Currently, you will find that many players are composed of 2 people in the Trübmoor team arena in normal difficulty mode.
Make sure always to wear teaching equipment and use potions or scrolls, which will further increase your experience.

Looking for groups or guilds
For Blackwood, there is a new trial version for 12 people. If you are curious, please find a guild or group that can visit the new dungeon with them.
In addition, the guild has the advantage of being able to grasp the content of the group. As we all know, the community is amicable and open. If you are a beginner, guilds are also helpful.
Guilds can even become long-term friends and can help you realize crazy ideas in Tamriel. Just like this guild, its Easter activities and colorful and exciting raids score high.

Learn more about companions now
What is a companion? They are another feature of Blackwood. More specifically, there are (NPCs Engl.: non-player characters), you will treat their allies in the Tamriel adventure. You can also call them in dungeons or trials.
How do you get companions? You must complete related tasks in the Dark Forest. After completing this operation, you can select the corresponding companion under Collection (U) under Alliance (Allies) → Companions (Companions).

Unlock the antique system
Why is it so interesting? In the BlackWood chapter, you will also explore new projects, including myths and house items that can only be obtained through the antique system. To do this, you must grade the survey and excavation skill line. Of course, you can do this now.
It works like this: You can unlock two skill lines in the Antique World in Lonely (west of the sky). Here, you must accept and complete Verita Numida’s mission, The Antiquarian Circle.
In the exploration, you will also be similar to a tutorial, explaining the working methods of survey and excavation to you.
In addition, you can easily find prey by discovering the passive ability Learning Eyes: Treasure Box in the skill line because there is an unmistakable glimmer around the treasure chest.

Farm Trans variable crystal
what is this?
Mut is a currency that cannot be traded. They are used to change the attributes of a piece of equipment or weapon.
Since the Markarth chapter, there is another exciting feature:
Each set of bound equipment will be immediately transferred to the collection (U).
Now you can recreate the collected setting items at the transition point.
It will cost you to transform into stone.
The cost decreases as the number of parts in a given collection increases.
Why is this important? With Blackwood, there are some new and exciting scenes. This way, you don’t have to perform a long enough search to find the correct part with suitable properties and collect enough trans crystals.
Then, you can use the Set collection to use it to make Set parts with the correct properties. In this way, you will be able to own the equipment of your dreams faster.
What is the fastest way to obtain trans crystals? A particularly effective method is the reward level in Cyrodiil in PvP areas.
When the reward level is 1, 50 crystals will be obtained for significant events and ten crystals for small events. However, it would be best if you waited until the end of the campaign.
If this takes you too much time, you can kill random dungeons. Once a day, there are ten crystals as a reward. You can perform this operation in any role.
There are also trans-crystals as a reward for brave daily dungeon missions. You can find more crystals in the weekly trial rewards. It doesn’t matter what level of difficulty you choose.

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