The price of the new collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV is the same as the PS5 on EBAY

The Endwalker expansion of the upcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is officially sold out. But they are still on eBay, but the prices are ridiculously high. In some cases, the high price has approached the notorious PlayStation 5. The upcoming collection of FFXIV with Endwalker will only cost around 150 Euros. But the coveted boxes containing physical and digital items quickly sold out, and many interested fans no longer have the opportunity to obtain such boxes officially. But Endwalker’s Collector’s Editions quickly reappeared on sales platforms such as eBay. However, the price exceeds the initial 150 euros:

The most absurd offer is $800
There are cheaper offers on eBay in the US, and the price is about 660 euros
However, in Europe, the cost of the collector’s edition is between 304 and 557 euros.
However, these are CE boxes and only contain physical items, not the game itself. If you order it as a digital collector’s edition, you will get additional rewards.

Is it PlayStation 5 or Endwalker?
The situation of the expensive Collector’s Editions released by Endwalker is reminiscent of the price explosion of PlayStation 5. New Sony game consoles are still tricky to buy officially, but the third-party market is shocked by the high price of the moon.
On eBay, you will rarely see a PS5 with a price of fewer than 500 euros. Prices of 800 euros and higher are also standard. Therefore, if you want the Collector’s Edition of Endwalkers, you can buy a new PS5 first and hope to have a better offer when the add-on is released.

What’s in Endwalker? For collectors and fans of Final Fantasy, Endwalker’s Collector’s Edition offers a lot of good things.
This is the Collector’s Edition: The contents of Endwalker CE are as follows:
Statue of the Warrior of Light as a Paladin
Pin in the shape of a stone
A series of Artwork prints
Loporrit plush

If you also subscribe to Digital CE, you will get the following games:
In-game items Arion
In-game item companion Porom
In-game item death sickle
The mount introduced here is not the famous giant flying mount. This moon whale is indeed giant and can provide a comfortable space for eight players. In addition, whales fly, so they float majestically in the air. Whales spend a lot on this. You have to pay 33 euros for him. However, compared with the lunar price of the Last Walker Collector’s Edition, this is still a bargain.

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