Final Fantasy XIV PS5 BETA performed well and will be released in May

The PS5 Beta of Final Fantasy XIV has been running since mid-April, and now the boss of MMORPG Naoki Yoshida (Naoki Yoshida) announced the release date of the PS5 version, which will be released in May. When will it be released? The PS5 version of FFXIV will be released on May 25, so less than two weeks.

It provides graphics and performance updates, such as:
Faster loading time
4K resolution
Higher FPS, even if there are still a large number of players in the area, it still drops
The revised interface has a clear texture
3D sound
When PS5 Beta was released on April 13, Yoshida announced that the duration of the Beta test had not yet been determined. You will test until all issues are resolved, and you can start publishing.
Since then, feedback about Beta has been very positive. A colleague from wrote that the beta is playing dreamlike (via Therefore, the test went so smoothly that the PS5 version could be released in more than a month.

The PS4 player is there: this is good news for users who have the PS4 version of FFXIV. If you are lucky enough to have a PS5, you can upgrade the PS4 version of the game for free.

It will appear in the future: in an interview, FFXIV’s chief project manager Matsuzawa Masaichi stated that the PS5 version is the first step in a series of graphics upgrades (via the PlayStation blog). In the future, the appearance of MMORPG will gradually be improved.

Especially the textures in the game do not look good in FFXIV and should be improved. Matsuzawa did not disclose when the exact graphics update will be released.

The PS5 version comes with the 5.55 patch.
What else will happen on May 25th? In addition to the PS5 version, the 5.55 patch of FFXIV will also be released on May 25. It brings new missions that continue the MMORPG story and form the transition from the current plug-in Shadowbringers to the upcoming Endwalker. Players can look forward to juicy cliffs.

In addition, the last part of the mission series appeared around the queen weapon. On the Bozja front, we are now entering the Zadnor area, which is located on the border of the kingdom of Dalmasca. There, players will be able to improve their ranking and raise it to 25.

There are also new boss fights and course mission series to provide you with the queen’s highest level of weapons. Naoki Yoshida said that you would have to develop the first fully upgraded weapon, but it will be easier to upgrade other weapons.

What is the next step from now on? After the 5.55 Shadowbringers patch is completed, there is still half a year before the next plug-in Endwalker is released on November 23. FFXIV has released the activity schedule for these months:
June to July-Patch 5.57
July-Gold Disc Incident
July to August-Patch 5.58
August-Fire Moon Dance Event and Anniversary Event
September-Cooperative activities with FFXV return
September or October-Press conference with new information about Addon Endwalker
November 19-Pre-orders can use the Endwalker add-on as early as possible
November 23-Endwalker release

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