The new world brings back the open-world PvP with a new update, but it is different

At the end of 2019, New World announced that it would only offer PvP as an option in the open world. If needed, you should be able to experience the MMO without having to fight other players entirely. However, many PvP incentives were lost as a result. It brought a new world, and at the same time, announced two new dungeons and a successful system. What has changed in PvP? The most significant change in the current Alpha update is related to open-world PvP. The battle against other players in the open world is quite dull to test in Summer 2020—lack of incentives to activate optional PvP.
But this has changed:
It is now possible to reoccupy the fortresses in the open world. All you have to do is mark yourself as PvP, rush into their respective defenses, and then occupy the strongholds there.
However, the fortress will be marked as controversial on the map. Therefore, players from the other two factions can prevent you from conquering.
Whoever controls a fortress will bring additional benefits to his faction. The experience value gained by all players of the section is increased by more than 5% in the corresponding area, and the influence is increased by 20%. Besides, each fortress offers unique global bonuses, including lower fast travel fees and tax cuts. Similarly, if a faction controls several settlements, the settlement camps are connected.
The exemplified war continues. Whenever these fortress battles occur, the conquest of the open world will be disabled for 60 minutes.
The Alpha update also introduces new rewards for PvP missions in the open world and the new Outpost Rush mode. It came into play last month and is presented at the end of this article.

How have PvE fans changed? PvElers will not be forgotten in this update. Two new expeditions were carried out at the same time. These are a set of instances handled by five players and should tell a story about dungeons known to other MMORPGs.
Besides, some achievements can now be completed in PvE, PvP, and production. There should have been more than 400 successes.
For this reason, the new weapon ice gloves are introduced in more detail again. We have updated the old article about this.
Two dungeons with new bosses, direct transactions between players
What’s in the dungeon? The first new dungeon is called Lazarus Equipment Hall and is located in the new area Saltwater Marsh. Legate Fulvius sends you to explore a secret location. There are two bosses waiting for you:
Cilla: A creature with deadly weapons and destructive magic at the same time. Due to its dual nature, it is a real touchstone for everyone who wants to learn the secrets of their ancestors.
Charges: This huge ancestral building guards the Lazarus Well and gives the people who awaken it eternal power or the opportunity to die quickly.
The second dungeon, Dynasty Shipyard, is about the fleet of corrupt queens. You must stop. Similarly, you have to fight with two bosses:
Isabella’s pet: Joven and Oro obediently await Isabella’s order and her next meal.
Zhou Taiying: This elegant, graceful, and vengeful empress in exile commanded an army dedicated to her, making her immortal and possessing great corrupt energy.
What’s the matter with the interface? With the update in April, the interface of the new world has also been revised. Among other things, there are new categories (closest and most accessible) for sorting tasks and a new system that you can use to lock your favorite items into your inventory. Therefore, you will not accidentally disassemble them.
Another bright spot is direct transactions between players. To do this, you can open a window where you can put money or up to 5 items:

What else is new? In addition to these major adjustments, some minor innovations have been made:
Added new effects on equipment. Now, all project types have more than 150 different effects
The reward for reaching a certain level-so-called milestone-revised
The enemy’s AI has been further adjusted to make it more intelligent
The recipe on the process has been adjusted
Many weapons and skills have been balanced.

Introduced a new and exciting outpost in PvE mode
What kind of model is that? For PvP fans, Outpost Rush is a 20v20 endgame content that can be entered from 60 levels. You can register individually or in groups (up to 5 players).
Usually, this mode is a mixture of the battle for fortresses, number of kills, and PvEvP. Each team starts in their stronghold on the opposite side of the map. The capture point can be used to capture the three outposts between the two forts.
The goal of the game is to be the first to reach 1,000 points. You can earn the following points:
Outpost can get 1 point every 3 seconds.
Also, get 1 point for every kill of another player.

What makes this mode interesting? If the team conquered the outpost, they could also use resources collected on the map to strengthen it. These include better gates, siege weapons, and command posts, which will give you additional rewards for damage and armor.
There are also PvE events on the map, including portals for world bosses or corrupt elements. Anyone who completes this task can get the following rewards:
Baroness Hahn appears every 10 minutes. In the next three minutes, the team that caused you a fatal blow will receive huge health recovery and defense rewards. Simultaneously, the opponent’s score is frozen-they cannot score any points within three minutes.
Fallen creatures guard the fallen portal. Teams can place Azoth Essence in the doorway. When a team places 500 Azoth Essences, the portal will be activated, and the player who delivered Azoth the last time will get items that can be used to summon a powerful ally.
The summoning circle is a stone platform at various critical locations on the map. There, players can use summoning items to summon an ally monster that will defend against the opponent’s player in a defensive position.
How do you see the changes in the new world? Do you like the new update? And are you more likely to be active in PvE or PvP?

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