What things you can do in ESO Endgame in 2021

The MMORPG THE Elder Scrolls Online was released in 2014 and has received many new content and expansions since then. But what is the current endgame of ESO? We at ESOGuides reveal 7 activities that you can keep busy for hundreds of hours. ESO is most convincing with its exciting stories and setting stories, and it expands with each expansion and each DLC. But at some point, not only did you reach level 50, but you also experienced all the current stories. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the 7 activities you can perform in ESO in the final game.

Experienced dungeon and trial
What does ESO provide for examples? Basically, you can start from level 10 in the 4-player dungeon of ESO. However, these dungeons are very simple, and completing them is almost no problem.
For experienced and truly outstanding players, ESO provides 3 kinds of instantiated content, you can try:

Experienced Dungeon for 4 players
A veteran dungeon with a special difficulty mode
Trial for 12 players
What is a veteran dungeon? This is a more difficult version of the existing dungeon. After reaching level 50, the mode will be unlocked. Then you can use it in the open world, or you can use it through group search.
Some bosses in veteran mode also have difficult modes. This makes it more difficult for this particular boss to fight. It can be activated before starting, so if the team dares to deal with this challenge, it can choose to solve it.
For experienced dungeons, you should bring some experience and appropriate equipment. If you have played the normal mode of the dungeon, it will also be very beneficial.
How many old dungeons are there? There are currently more than 40 different dungeons for you to release. At the beginning of 2020, we reported the easiest and most difficult dungeon in ESO.
What is the trial? The trial is the highest criterion for examples in ESO. You have a total of 12 players entering the game, and you must face the difficult boss mechanism to challenge your skills and teamwork spirit.
Each trial in ESO provides an additional reward once a week, so it is worth repeating the trial. You can only get many achievements and skins through experimentation. If you are still looking for the ultimate kick, then in some trials you will also find difficult modes that make the game more difficult.
How many trials are there? ESO currently has 9 trials, and Rockgrove has announced its 10th trial. This will appear alongside the upcoming Blackwood extension.

Those who don’t like group travel but are looking for soloist challenges will find what they want in two special areas:
The Maelstrom Arena is located in the Orsinium DLC and offers several boss battles, which increases the difficulty.
The cause of Vateshran (Vateshran) is closely related to DLC Marketh and revolves around the severe Reikmannen (barbarian). These prove their strength on this solo stage.
Both of these areas are considered difficult and require you to have good equipment and master courses. If you want to compete with the boss at the bottom of Vateshran, find the guide on ESOGuides.

Collection of sets and styles
Like RPG, ESO usually runs around your equipment. On the one hand, this has to do with your data, but also with the appearance of the armor.
In ESO, you can collect sets and use them to unlock certain values ​​of the device. In addition, some styles are related to the appearance of your gear.
What is a suit? These are the components of the bonus provided by your device:
For example, certain sets provide additional damage or health.
Other settings will increase your Magicka or endurance.
If you put the corresponding suit in several slots (such as head, shoulders and chest), you can also get additional effects by setting rewards.
Scenes can be obtained in different ways, including random drops from public or instantiated dungeons in the open world, or through world bosses, PvP or craftsmanship. Here you can find a guide on how to obtain a collection in ESO.
Why is the suit system so interesting? Once you bundle a set together or destroy it or sell it at a dealer, it will be unlocked in your collection. This allows you to easily restore old equipment using the transchangeable crystal, which is useful in situations such as when you want to change all equipment.
Then the set made will adapt to your level.
What is the style? Style is related to the appearance of the device. Therefore, you can unlock the style and change it at each gear set in the game. The style is unlocked throughout the account, so you can dress up a new character immediately.

Play against
What is PvP content? If you don’t like pure PvE content, you can invest in PvP. ESO also provides several variants here:
In the Cyrodiil region, you can fall into an open alliance war. Here, you can search for duels individually, or fight fierce battles with large groups of people.
On the other hand, on the battlefield, things are smaller. Here, you can compete with each other in 4v4v4, and you can enter them easily using group search.
Imperial City, a mode where you can fight against other players, or against the minions of Molag Bal.
What exactly is Cyrodil? Anyone who likes to use heavy siege machines for brutal large-scale battles, hundreds of players, and weeks of fierce battles, have come to the right place.
Basically, silodil is a battle for the crown. If an alliance conquered all six fortresses distributed throughout the imperial city, the player of that faction would become the emperor with the current highest score in Cyrodir.
In this way, you can gain gains and gain corresponding advantages in battle. As a result, the other two factions often ally against the current emperor alliance. If the Emperor Alliance loses control of all six fortresses in the center of the map, he will continue to be abandoned from the throne.
It sounds exciting, but for most players, the competition for the Royal Crown is trivial. They prefer to fight for joy and conquer fortresses. In addition, there are some PvE missions and sky fragments in Cyrodiil, which will also help you outside of PvP.
What is the battlefield? Three teams of four players compete with each other for victory on the battlefield. The championship points are ignored here, which usually leads to a lot of quick deaths because the player has no unusually high resistance here at all.
The teams are grouped randomly, no matter which alliance they belong to. To do this, you only need to call the group search and register for the battlefield. The battlefield continues until the team reaches the set point limit or the 15-minute timer expires.
There are also additional rewards for the first victory on the battlefield every day.
What is the imperial city? The imperial city is part of the alliance war and can be entered accordingly by pressing the “L” key. Here, you are mainly fighting for Tel’Var gems, and you can exchange their unique equipment kits, cosmetics and rare and valuable handmade materials at the dealer.
The imperial city is divided into six districts. In each of them, Molag Bal’s gangs are pranking and begging for friction. If you beat an AI opponent, they will leave behind the coveted Tel’Var stone.
Therefore, your main goal is to knock down as many enemies as possible and collect stones that can be used to buy rewards. The important thing is that the more stones your opponent drops, the more stones you already have. Of course, this will encourage you to carry as many stones as possible. But there are two main points.
Criticism of PvP: PvP in ESO offers many possibilities, but there are also some problems, including poor game performance.

Now, almost every MMORPG uses the achievement system, you can chase and destroy it. These are divided into different categories, including:
Role achievement
PvP achievements
Dungeon achievements
Mission achievement
Housing success
The success of various DLCs and expansions
The tasks are also very different. Some people value the repetition of content, while others can unlock it through special challenges, such as in a dungeon.
If all success is to be achieved, a lot of work needs to be done. A player has managed to unlock all achievements

As we have already mentioned in the section “Collecting sets and styles”, fashion is an endgame. At ESO, the key to fashion also includes housing. Here, you can look for different houses, move them in, and decorate them as needed.
In addition to the optical effects, the housing actually brings you some benefits. Therefore, you can earn achievements, free up extra storage space, set up handicraft stations, and even get fans.

What are twinks? The other characters that play with the protagonist are called “twinks”. The main thing is to try new classes, new races, or new paths in history.
What is special about twink in ESO? Twinks in ESO has a great advantage, you only need to “play” to level 50. The championship level you have won is more than 50, in the entire account, and correspondingly applicable to all roles.
The same applies to general collective content, such as assets or styles. You can also unlock them in your account. Therefore, you can deal with other characters more easily without having to work as hard as other MMORPGs.

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