What are the status effects in ESO?

There are different types of status effects in the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. In this article, we come from Esoguides., explaining the exact reasons for the consequences of fear, numbness, or burning. In ESO, some abilities cause the so-called status effect. At the same time, there are weapons and armor that interact with status influences. Therefore, it is essential to understand what the state effect is and how it works. What are the status effects? There are 17 status effects, which can be divided into three types.

Type 1 is a fundamental effect, which usually causes direct damage or damage over time. In this guide, we explain what types of damage exist in ESO.

Basic effects include:
Burning-Continuously inflict fire damage for 4 seconds
Bleeding-continuous physical damage
Blindness increases the chance of missing the target when attacking
Poison-Causes poison damage for 6 seconds
Frostbite-apply debuff for 4 seconds, reducing the healing effect gained by 15%
Hypothermia-Causes direct damage to the character and applies a debuff effect for 4 seconds to reduce the damage caused to the Character.
Chaos-Inflict direct damage to the character and apply a debuff for 4 seconds, which will increase the damage the character receives

Type 2 is a severe CC effect, which will limit your operations:
Throw to the ground-you cannot move or attack
Stunned-you can’t move or attack
Lost-can’t attack, but once damaged, the effect will be destroyed
Silence-you cannot use skills or attacks
Fear-you are afraid of fear and cannot move or attack
Pull-you will zoom in on the target and cannot move or attack during this time
Throw back-you are thrown back, unable to move or attack
Taunt (PvE only)-Taunt the target of the taunt

Type 3 is a soft CC effect:
Fixed-you cannot move, but you can attack
Slow down-move slower, but can attack

You can delete status effects or breakthrough them
How do you deal with status effects? Regarding the status impact in ESO, you can do four things:
In principle, specific skills can be used to eliminate or clear all status effects. Especially the therapist can usually do this.
By pressing Attack and Block at the same time, you can get rid of hard CC. These include: falling to the ground, dizziness, disorientation, and throwing back. However, doing so will consume stamina.
The softer CC can be easily removed with a spare roller. Here, stamina is also consumed.
However, the most effective way to counteract state effects is to prevent them immediately before applying them. This can be achieved by blocking (except fear), avoiding roles, or reflecting. In this way, you can effectively prevent the status influence from negatively affecting you.

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