World of Warcraft finally has glasses in the upcoming 9.1 patch

The current World of Warcraft PTR version already contains data from the upcoming 9.1 patch. This data includes new cosmetics: authentic glasses. Players have been asking for this accessory for years-now it’s finally here. What kind of glasses are they? In the PTR of the upcoming World of Warcraft patch 9.1, there are currently four new glasses to choose from, which player characters can try. These include glasses with clear lenses, sunglasses, and even mirrors with only half of the lens (reading glasses):
Hipster sunglasses (fashion shade)
Half-frame reading glasses
Musician’s Shadow (Musician’s Shadow)
Black-rimmed glasses

Finally walked around with Ozzy Osbourne and Harry Potter in World of Warcraft.

These glasses already exist: anyone who wants to wear glasses before must turn to jewelry cutting or engineering. The glasses there look entirely different. These are either completely exaggerated sunglasses or technical aids.
So far, only NPCs can wear authentic glasses. For monocles, the only option for players to prefer glasses is that they are usually associated with armor courses. Not every player can use it together.

However, it will eventually be possible to reproduce crazy costumes with the new glasses, such as Ozzy Osbourne’s (magician and singer) costumes, especially wearing musicians’ sunglasses or even Harry Potter.
The appearance of the glasses is appropriate, and every player can use them as cosmetics, regardless of the armor level of their hero.

When will the new glasses come? Currently, the drinks are still on the 9.1 version of the PTR. We are not yet sure when it will be published on the real-time server. However, the test may take a while. You can find more information about this in our news: Blizzard finally released the 9.1 patches, revealing a rough plan.

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