The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Skill Guides

The main rule of The Elder Scrolls Online classroom system is that there are almost no rules. Any character can learn anything except the skills of other courses. Do you want to play the role of a sword-wielding wizard wearing plate armor instead of an old glass cannon? Or is Yadao’s skills specifically designed to deal with injuries and rescue teammates with medical staff? Then do it! Because ESO’s skill system is not just publicly designed, it can accommodate almost all weird constellations.

The ideal combination of classes and roles
Especially for ESO beginners, it is worth trying a lot and finding out which weapon and category suit you best. In the colorful thunderstorm weather, not everyone can control the battle, like directly controlling the opponent’s tank. Others like to play between two different weapons, or like an energetic companion-ESO provides you with many opportunities to try without being wholly lost.

In ESO, you can choose one of the following ten races: Argon, Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Empire, Kajit, Nord, Orc, Red Guard, or Wood Elf.

However, before creating a new character, you should consider the goal of the game. If it is only a question of testing possibilities, choose the race and one of the six categories based on your intuition, and then start. However, do you have the right to play a specific role in a raid (in ESO: »Experiment«)-tank, healer, magician damage distributor, or endurance damage distributor-or do you want to play a role in a specific competition area? For example, in PvP or Maelstrom Arena, if you don’t plan your race, class, and character combination, you can’t achieve remarkable success.

We summarize the best roles of each species for you:

Skills and championship points
Through PvP, or by transforming into a vampire or werewolf, you can get new skill lines from six different guilds for each weapon and each armor. You can replenish weapons, enchantments of armor and jewels, worn-out suit items, assigned champion points, bonus food and drink, weapon poisons, and temporary bonus effects through your own actively used abilities or team members’ abilities.

Once you have your first weapon, guild, or class skill at level 4, it’s time to start developing it: most skills have possible spells and endurance variants. Here, you can always determine which of the two main attributes to use. After the first character reaches level 50, you will continue to earn so-called championship points, through which you can optimize the construction or style of the entire game! These championship bonuses are advantageous, especially for newly created characters.

Fortunately, you will not lose your way: if you are no longer satisfied with the assigned attributes and skill points, or if you want to try other skills, then find a new temple (in Eldenroot, Mournful Fortress, and Wayrest), Then the cost of the points will be refunded to you. Once you spend some coins on the championship window, the championship points will be redistributed in the championship window.

Weapon set
Most MMORPGs rely on a weapon carried on the body that is even related to the selected category. In ESO, this is also different: using two weapon sets (change from unlocking weapons at level 15), you can prepare other challenges for your character. Since changing weapons does not consume any resources in magic, life, or endurance, it is worth using frequently.

For example, in addition to a set of weapons for damage, a solo player can also prepare a Weapon with a healing wand or healing abilities. If it becomes tricky in the battle with a boss with many life points, you will be able to maintain a longer stable time. Or, you use a combination of ranged and melee weapons simultaneously as a damaged distributor. Here, you can use ranged combat skills to fight and kill opponents with melee skills as soon as the enemy reaches you. Changing weapons can make it easier for you to adapt to many situations, even if you may not be familiar with this tactic. Therefore, always remember to update the second weapon according to your level.

With the aid of the course guide, we provide you with a general overview of the possibilities and advantages of each course. For example, if you don’t like the guide’s weapons, try other weapons, and the ESO skill system can be implemented. Considering many possibilities, there is no final, perfect skill in short. This is why we only put forward fully functional suggestions for possible methods of running the corresponding class. In the long run, only high-efficiency skill sets that can bring you fun are helpful!

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